The history of the Church includes spiritual transitions, revivals and advents. Major moves of God are whole-heartedly welcomed by a remnant while a vast majority of believers who have settled into religious acts and sacraments cleave to that which God has done and proven during past major movements. In this hour, many consider themselves to be the remnant Church but have fallen short of studying the characteristics of the remnant. This reduces the words “remnant Church” to merely a catch-phrase that the adversary would enjoy using as a vehicle to dilute what the Word sets forth as a spiritual body of believers that is both potent and full of the manifested glory of God. It should be noted that the “remnant Church” seeks and strives to know God as well and as intimately as God knows Her. Ever reaching, ever striving, she longs for a moment with Her Lord wherein she knows Him—seeking more than mere familiarity but intimacy.

Excerpt from The Bald Woman: Regaining the Lost Glory Through Worship
Author: Dr. M. Stanley Butler