I was talking to a few people this past week about time and its importance.  Time is your most precious commodity.  Each of us were born with God-given purpose invested within us.  We’ve only been allotted so much time between birth and death to accomplish our purpose for life.  In order to survive, we sell our time to an employer, when we choose to show up day after day to perform a job.  Some of us sell each hour for $7.25, while others sell it for $125.  How much you, individually, sell your time for is a side note.  The overarching issue is that you realize that each moment of your life has value.  You can’t afford to waste your time—not even a minute of it; and you can’t afford to allow others to waste it for you.

Consider this…each day, you experience a miracle.  Every time you make a step, you experience a miracle.  You’ve just done it so long and so often, that you’ve begun to take it for granted.  However, the fact that you don’t realize the miracle makes it no less miraculous.  For you to move yourself from one location to another, you must stand and literally throw your entire body off-balance to initiate a single step.  Picture the small child taking his first step; the uncertainty causes him to be wobbly—arms and hands extended, he has his eyes set on a goal that he wants to reach.  He falls, but gets back up again with barely a cry, because his mind is fixed.

If you’ve been stuck in the same place, routine, or mindset, you’ve allowed yourself to become stagnated and stationary.  Standing in place for too long makes one weary and fatigued.  You need movement!  Whatever your dream, calling, or purpose may be, you must take a step before you see progress.  Do you want advancement; want to see progress in your personal, spiritual, and professional life?  You must resolve to throw yourself off-balance for the sake of moving toward your goal.  Fear of falling or failure is a spirit looking to shackle your foot and detain or derail you from your purpose.  Dare to be off-balance—trusting in God—for a moment, and see what’s at the next point of your individual destiny.  Crying when you fall?  Don’t do it too long.  You’re wasting time…and you don’t know how much time you have left.  If you’ve got a calling upon your life or a purpose to fulfill, keep a fixed eye and move!

What are you waiting for?  Think long and hard and leverage the truth against each of your responses and know that most are nothing more than excuses for inaction.  Some of us have been sitting too long.  It’s time to stand; and others have been standing too long.  It’s time to move.  Faith—real faith—is more than scripture memorization.  Real faith requires action, and God requires faith.  Command your day!