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Dr. M. Stanley Butler

Author | Teacher | Keynote Speaker
“I’m traveling a road called Destiny in a vehicle named Purpose!”
                                                                   —Dr. M. Stanley Butler

Dr. M. Stanley Butler is an author, teacher, and conference speaker. With more than 25 years of experience as a financial and administrative leader within the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, he has effectively provided counsel and/or guidance to national and international organizations. Dr. Butler models servant leadership in a manner that builds, mentors, and prepares others to live with purpose.

Dr. Butler is known for his consulting work, writings, and skillful facilitation of discussions and workgroups purposed to address difficult topics and issues. Through his consulting practice, he has aided Christian ministries and nonprofit organizations through fundraising efforts, leadership development, establishment of financial policy, board development, and implementation of best practices. Although vision comes with provision, even Christian organizations must develop adequate capacity to support that vision. Dr. Butler has been instrumental in developing organizations based upon sound business practices, Biblical integrity, and systematic planning. His ability to assess organizational structure, identify weak areas, and develop cost-effective solutions has resulted in effective development servicing to nonprofit organizations in Sweden, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Realizing a greater need to prepare the nonprofit community to effectively meet the socio-economic needs of their communities, Dr. Butler founded Striving Toward Excellence In Public Service (STEPS), Inc. Through STEPS, Inc., Dr. Butler provides educational, leadership, and developmental services to the nonprofit community—advancing an initiative to establish and build upon collaborative relationships between the nonprofit and public sectors.

Dr. Butler has worked extensively with national and international ministries and faith-based nonprofit organizations, serving as a teacher, conference speaker, workshop facilitator, and consultant. Whether he is ministering within a small-group setting or serving as a keynote conference speaker, his message is consistent—a message that calls for Christian maturity and genuine relationship that demands believers to be living epistles.

Dr. Butler’s published works include, “Sometimes, Man’s Rejection Is God’s Protection”, “The Bald Woman: Regaining The Lost Glory Through Worship”, and “THE (Temporary Human Emotion) Experience”. Challenging traditional teachings, he compels the reader to pursue greater revelations concerning God and His Word.

Says Dr. Butler regarding ministry, “It’s all about people. Whether you have a store-front or a mega-church, it all comes down to the lives that your ministry has positively impacted. People associate greatness with numbers. But the unknown, unlicensed minister’s purpose is just as great as the renowned pastor, if that purpose is to save that one man or woman who will draw a countless number of souls. If each one reaches one, then the kingdom is advanced. I don’t sell anyone short.”


  • Ph.D. Public Policy & Administration (ABD)
  • Doctor of Humane Letters (Hon)
  • Doctor of Divinity
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts

Key Topics

  • The True Worshiper
  • Walking in God-Ordained Purpose
  • Five Laws of the Dying Seed
  • Foundations of the Christian Doctrine
  • Grant Writing & Acquisition
  • Ministry & IRS Compliance
  • Practicality of Ministry

In 2016, Dr. Butler received the Presidential
Lifetime Achievement Award for exemplary
service to the community

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